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Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Join us this weekend on the Military Gaming League Twitch channel for another Armed Forces Dungeon Clash event & fundraiser! Five military branch teams will compete in World of Warcraft dungeons over the course of 3 days until one team is crowned the winner.

Each day will have feature different dungeons and the teams will not know the dungeon until they queue up! The five teams competing are: US Army Esports, Marine Corps Gaming, Goats and Glory, Air Force Gaming, and Coast Guard Gaming. In addition to the exciting competition, it is fundraiser for a few military charities such as Walking with the Wounded.

We're excited to once again sponsor this event and promote the great gamers in our MGL community.

Stream Dates/Times

October 14

10am to 3pm PDT October 15

10am to 3pm PDT

October 16

10am to 3pm PDT


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