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Updated: Jul 18, 2022

KANSAS CITY, MO – May 16, 2022 – Today, Generation Esports, a worldwide leader for gaming communities, where gamers can connect, compete, and learn, announced the acquisition of the Military Gaming League (MGL) – the nation’s largest organization dedicated to providing esports competitions for all service members and veterans.

As a part of the acquisition, Generation Esports continues its commitment to supporting any, and all, organizations using video games to support their communities. In this case, it’s every member of the United States Armed Forces, National Guard, and its veterans. At the core of MGL’s mission is providing military families with a safe place to game together and support one another through esports, while shining a spotlight on military players. MGL is a community and place for service members, veterans, and their families to support one another using gaming and esports to connect. For many, it's also a place to bring awareness and point to resources to combat the effects of PTSD, suicide prevention, and other serious mental health-related matters that are all too common to military and their families.

“Generation Esports has already fostered incredible growth for many leagues,” said Travis Williams, co-founder and now the Commissioner of MGL. “Under their umbrella, where we can leverage their network and platform, we can provide bigger, better, and more exciting competitions while working together to provide even more support and resources to our members.”

“When we first met Daniel and Travis and then learned about everything they built at MGL, we knew there was something special about it that we just had to be a part of,” said Generation Esports co-founder and CEO Mason Mullenioux.

“Every member of the Armed Forces are heroes that have given everything they have to protect and serve our country. It is only appropriate that we now serve them and give them an experience unlike any other through MGL as one of our cornerstone leagues.”

With MGL, Generation Esports is bringing in a community of more than 3,000 registered members and there is plenty of room for growth with nearly 3.5 million active duty and reserve military personnel alone, according to the United States Department of Defense. For members of the military community, Generation Esports provides members with access to technology and services that will further support them as they participate in MGL events and interact with each other.

“It has always been our goal to do what is best for our members,” said MGL co-founder Daniel Ball. “We want to spotlight the great work that all of the Armed Forces members are doing and give them every opportunity to receive the recognition they deserve, while finding comradery amongst each other. Generation Esports will enable us to elevate MGL to a whole new level, which we’re thrilled to be a part of.”

“We’re thrilled to be adding MGL’s community to our family here at Generation Esports,” said Chief Commercial Officer Jon Bukosky. “This acquisition continues our position of providing positive gaming experiences across all spectrums like Scholastics, Amateur and now the Armed Forces. We’re honored to be working with the MGL founders in growing this world-class community that is dedicated to our men & women in uniform.”


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