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Kansas City, Kansas – January 5, 2022 – Generation Esports (GenE) is collaborating with Gameplan to develop a learning management system (LMS) to make it simpler for educators to adopt its Gaming Concepts curriculum and for HSEL esports coaches to train their competitive teams more effectively.

Gameplan, by Learn2Eesport, is a powerful LMS that enables esports education and performance training by presenting curriculum, schedules, drills and more. With its user-friendly interface and full list of features, Gameplan has cemented itself as the top ed-tech platform to bring gaming to schools.

With the new partnership, Generation Esports’ Gaming Concepts curriculum will now be available on the digital LMS, in addition to the traditional paper format. Teachers can access the full curriculum online, using it to more easily facilitate classroom lessons, as well as managing hybrid or virtual learning environments.

Both Generation Esports and Gameplan have seen positive impacts that video gaming brings to high school students across the United States. This study demonstrates that esports not only contributes to improved learning outcomes, but also better development of necessary life-skills like leadership, communication and more. All of the skills learned through gaming serve to better prepare students for future careers in the esports industry or other STEM professions.

Generation Esports plans to use the Gameplan platform to make its Gaming Concepts lesson-plans and turnkey curriculum guides available digitally to teachers. Gameplan’s optimized structure facilitates student engagement and educator success, whether they are new to esports or have years of experience. Gameplan allows coaches and teachers to easily track student progress and learning outcomes, create team schedules, and more.

“We chose to partner with Generation Esports because our dual missions of making competitive esports more accessible and educational are closely aligned,” said Rasmus Sandström, Co-Founder of Gameplan. “Together we can bring esports competitions and high quality educational content to more communities, with a focus on developing positive student outcomes and supporting STEM learning initiatives.”

“We couldn’t be more excited to partner with an industry leader in Learn2Esport and Gameplan,” said Charles Reilly, President of Education and Research for Generation Esports. “The platform will make it simpler for teachers to adopt our Gaming Concepts curriculum and leverage its extensive online resources and exercises. It will help them in classes during the school day and with managing and coaching competitive esports teams.”

About Generation Esports

Generation Esports (GenE) is a leading resource for gamers, educators, students, and parents. GenE believes that esports is more than just video games; it’s competition, community, engagement, and relationship-building. Spearheaded by competition like its flagship league, the High School Esports League, and its robust Gaming Concepts curriculum, GenE makes it easy for communities of all backgrounds and ages to offer esports experiences to their members. To learn more, visit

About Gameplan

Gameplan is an esports learning and skill development platform created by Learn2Esport, and utilized in schools and organizations throughout the world. With Gameplan, student-athletes can study esports-related curriculum, practice drills, and make notes on their progress to develop from player to pro. Coaches and teachers can easily see a student’s progress and schedule learning material as needed to give the right coaching and feedback at the right time.


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