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Extreme Networks and Generation Esports Host Madden Showcase

Updated: May 3, 2023

Generation Esports is proud to host the 8-to-80 Madden Showcase! Alongside the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Extreme Networks, and Skillshot — this charity event intends to raise funds for underprivileged youths through a one-day stream this spring.

Longtime and newly-found football fans alike are encouraged to spectate, participate, and donate to the event, featuring matchups between Madden personalities, notable figures in professional football — including Dwight Freeney — and much more.

"Generation Esports is always interested in generating avenues to support underprivileged youth — and if we're able to achieve something great through gaming — we'll always leap at the opportunity," said Mason Mullenioux, CEO of Generation Esports.

This event will also feature four students — former Madden tournament winners — who will accompany us as our special guests of honor on this journey of charity.

"It's really cool that we're going to Atlanta, but the fact that this event and the proceeds are going to charity; it makes us feel [...] like it's something more than that," said Romeo, student at Tuloso-Midway High School.

To catch the live broadcast, visit on May 5th!


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