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As the world becomes more technologically and digitally innovative, the need for new technologies and practices to keep computers and data safe also increases. That is why Generation Esports, with technology at its core and a commitment to the practice of keeping its platform, users, and communities as safe as possible, has partnered with UKnightedXP, Inc., a 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to building community by advancing the world through gaming, education, and charity, as a cyber security partner.

UKnightedXP will also assist GenE with the creation of a new Gaming Concepts course designed to educate students about cyber safety. Together, this partnership highlights the companies’ shared dedication to gaming, education, and building safe communities.

About UKnightedXP, Inc.

UKnightedXP, Inc. is an industry leading 501(c)3 charity consultant that offers world class expertise and vision. Their team helps leaders and organizations navigate the chaos of the information age - leveraging gaming. Their unique approach produces real value in any industry. This enables their team to help companies develop innovative opportunities, scalable capabilities, and cultural relevance. All of this is achieved through their charitable mission of 'advancing the world through gaming, education, and charity.' To learn more about UKnightedXP, Inc., visit

About Generation Esports

Generation Esports is the home for all gamers to compete, create, and learn together by making it easy for communities of all backgrounds and ages to socialize and connect through video games. Since 2012, Generation Esports has grown to more than 200,000 registered users and over 5,000 partner schools – becoming one of the largest platforms for gamers. Generation Esports owns and operates the Middle School Esports League (MSEL), Military Gaming League (MGL), and High School Esports League (HSEL) – the largest and longest-running competitive gaming organization for high school students in the United States – while powering many others. Beyond competitions, Generation Esports supports educational opportunities as the writer and publisher of Gaming Concepts and supporter of esports labs development at schools around the country. To learn more about Generation Esports, visit

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