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Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Welcome to the first installment of the Generation Esports platform patch notes. Our goals are to increase our transparency in what we've been working on and show off cool new features. We plan to publish patch notes every other month, or whenever a major update is released. If you’d like to make sure you’re receiving updates live as they happen, please join our product discord!

Server stability updates: We have run a number of updates to continue to strengthen the stability of our server. We have also revamped our alarm-bell system to allow us to react to potential service interruptions more quickly.

Match History and Scouting: You can now view match history for all rounds of a tournament on the tournament page. Simply click “Matches” next to “Leaderboard” to view matches and scores for each round. This allows you to see your previous history as well as the history of your opponents! Previously, match history was only viewable in your account.

League of Legends match statistics: In case you missed it, we have integration with Riot and your match stats are viewable on your GenE LoL match page!

Minecraft game connection issues FIXED: We identified a significant source of players seeing whitelisting errors when attempting to connect to our Minecraft: Survival Games servers. To fix this, we updated how players add Minecraft as a game connection. Note: your GenE game connection must match your name in Minecraft exactly. Take a look here to check your game connections! Please also note that if you continue to have issues being whitelisted on our servers you may need to delete and re-add your Minecraft game connection.


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