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Introducing the brand new, accredited Gaming Concepts Middle School: Exploring Life Skills Through Scholastic Gaming! Utilizing familiar references and themes of video games, students will create their very own character and level up as they learn. This course is now available for purchase!


Course Description: This course uses esports as the engagement piece to teach students executive function skills that will help make their transition to high school more successful. Lessons focus on organization, perseverance, self-advocacy, self-regulation, time management, responsible decision making, digital citizenship, and mental wellness that are often difficult to teach in an authentic, engaging way through traditional middle school coursework. Evidence-based Mental Health Moments, proven to increase student self esteem and self-efficacy—two powerful factors in preventative mental health—are seamlessly integrated in lessons.


Engage and teach your middle school students in a meaningful and enjoyable way using an activity they already love—video games! Schools report a significant improvement in attendance rates and overall GPA from students enrolled in Gaming Concepts courses, and many students report building unlikely friendships in their course!

Not sure if this course is for you or your school? Check out our Gaming Concepts website and see how comprehensive overviews, easy-to-follow directions, and engaging worksheets gives teachers time to do what they do best—teach! This new course for middle schools is also available NOW on our LMS from Gameplan.

When you are ready to bring esports and gaming courses to your school, or if you would like more information on Gaming Concepts, contact our team anytime.


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