Professional Gamer

Welcome to the*gameHERS Academy, a series of webinars focused on professional development for the*gameHERS community and beyond! 

Who should attend one or multiple of these webinars? Everyone! But to be more specific, we'll cover things that could be beneficial to: high school students, working adults, educators, parents of gamers, and company stakeholders.

Each webinar will cover a specific topic about esports and gaming, including how to utilize esports in education, career opportunities in esports and how to find them, the unique challenges of women and femme-presenting individuals in gaming, parenting a gamer, and more. You'll hear from experts on each topic and professionals in the esports world. Some webinars will even feature student and educator testimonials and live lessons!

COST: $20 per webinar or get 4 for $75!

  • Any Game You Can Play, I Can Play BETTER!
    Tue, Dec 13
    During this webinar, we'll take a look at possible reasons why esports is a male-dominated field. Our guest speaker will talk about their struggles as a woman in esports and why representation matters to her. In addition, our guest class will learn about targeted advertising and create their own ad!
  •  When I Grow Up, I Want to Be…
    Tue, Jan 10
    Learn about the MANY career opportunities in esports! We'll be teaching students how to explore potential careers, determine if a career is a good fit, and how to find that job in esports. You'll also hear from a gameHERS community member about their career, experience, and their advice for students