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Major Update Time!

Tournament Registration 2.0: We are incredibly excited to give you a new way to register and play with tournament pre-registration! Pre-registering for a tournament allows you to RSVP your team to an event whenever you want even if you don't have enough members, aren't in the correct community, or even if you haven't even created a team!

Simply register for the tournament you want to compete in, and complete the remaining steps on your own time. You'll receive an email and a platform notification with a list of everything you need to finish and your status will be listed as "registration pending" for that event. Just be sure to complete all the requirements before the tournament is seeded or the first queue opens!


  • Create a team & roster while registering

  • Create empty rosters

  • Add your team members later

  • Apply to communities after you RSVP

XP System: Level up your profile and grind to be the top account with the all new profile XP system! You'll earn XP for every match you play PLUS bonus XP when you win a match. Your level will display on your GenE profile and will update live as you earn XP. The best players will have the highest account level so make sure to register for our open events and play to flex your level. Enhancements to give you more opportunities to level up and earn prizes are in the workshop so don't wait to level up!

If you’d like to make sure you’re receiving updates live as they happen, please join our product discord!


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